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IYP is in a Period of Transition

January 6, 2016  /  Comments Off

Hello, Inspire Youth Project Visitor! Thanks for checking in with us. We want you to know that IYP is in a period of transition. Transitions can be scary for everyone depending on how you see it. Like a caterpillar transforming…

IYP teens show us why they are the best at Teen Retreat 2015

October 2, 2015  /  Comments Off

October 1st, 2015- Teen Retreat- When you’re a teenager, having the summer come to an end can feel a little bitter sweet; the demands of school suddenly begin anew and but at the same time you’re one year closer to…


Teen Retreat/Winter Is Coming!

September 8, 2015  /  Comments Off

There’s a chill in the air already that is the unmistakable marker of a fast approaching fall. That means yummy fall foods, holiday planning, and calm, cloudy days. At IYP it means that we are in the middle of planning…



September 8, 2015  /  Comments Off

  There were new friends made, old friends hugged, games ending in scrapped knees and smiles, masterpieces sculpted in the arts and crafts room, tired cabin counselors that stayed up way too late talking and laughing with one another; that’s…

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Purr Hosts Bartender Auction – May 20th

April 29, 2015  /  Comments Off

Come join us for a fun filled night of community celebration on Capitol Hill to support Inspire Youth Project. The ever gracious and stylish Purr Cocktail Lounge is hosting the Bartender Auction again this year!  We hope you’ve been saving your…