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Welcome to Inspire Youth Project’s Big Bail Out!

Someone you know, who cares about making a difference for kids, needs your help!  They’ve been locked up for a good cause and only  your support can bail them out.

They are raising funds (and awareness) by reaching out to friends, family and Inspire Youth Project supporters. I hope you can pitch in to set them free!

No gift is too small or to BIG!

  • $50 can help keep creativity flowing by filling craft boxes and providing art supplies so that kids can express themselves in more than just words.
  • $100 can help send a teen to Teen Retreat—to build confidence, try new things, and strengthen friendships.
  • $250 can provide one child, age 5-8, with a full year of Magic Circle.  That means meeting new friends, learning new things and having a safe space to be a kid!
  • $1000 can send a child to IYP’s Rise ‘N Shine sleep-away summer camp—where they have the chance to reinvent themselves and explore their greatness.

We hope you will help make the Big Bail Out a huge success by giving today!


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