IYP teens show us why they are the best at Teen Retreat 2015

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October 1st, 2015- Teen Retreat-

When you’re a teenager, having the summer come to an end can feel a little bitter sweet; the demands of school suddenly begin anew and but at the same time you’re one year closer to having the freedom enjoyed by adults. One thing is for sure though, the beginning of the school year can be super stressful, especially for busy teens involved in sports, clubs, dating (we don’t approve!), homework, having a mentor, and a job. It can seem like a lot to a young person who has never balanced all of these things before.

That’s why, less than a month after Camp Rise n’ Shine we bring our young adults back to the shores of Lake Wanatchee for a retreat from the pressures of the world back home. At this year’s retreat we focused on what is called Future Orientation, which is just a fancy way of saying “thinking about yourself in the future as you want to be”. We learned mindfulness techniques for everyday life, created art and put on an art show, learned about the impacts of childhood trauma on the developing brain.  With a chill in the air we played Spoons, had milk-drinking competitions, listened to the waves on the shores, and cried tears of joy for our Inner Circle youth who are growing up and becoming adults.

The Heart truly lives on at Lake Wanatchee.