Our Mission

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To offer emotional support and advocacy to at-risk children and youth.


A world where young people are empowered to make choices that keep them safe and enrich their lives.


We nurture.  We listen.  We empower.  We are at their side and on their side.  Providing children ages 5-18 and beyond with a place to belong, Inspire Youth Project is a team of caring professionals and volunteers committed to providing the missing links for at-risk children.


Our goals are to provide consistency and the long-term nurturing that a child needs in order to grow and contribute to our society, rather than be dependent upon it. We inspire children to have hope, and to dream. We stay at their side, and on their side, providing the support they need to attain those dreams.


We know that children thrive when their social and emotional needs are met. Unfortunately, at-risk children typically experience adversity, often at a very early age, and their search for a place in society can be traumatic. The result often leads to self-destructive behavior. The longer that cycle continues, the more difficult it can be to change. Inspire Youth Project encircles at-risk:

  • Children and teens affected by HIV/AIDS
  • Children graduating from Childhaven’s childhood trauma treatment program who have suffered from abuse and neglect
  • Youth from First Place School, who have experienced trauma due to homelessness and crises in the family, are supported as they transition from elementary to junior high school


Peer Support groups provide children of all ages with the opportunity to share challenges, fears, and victories and to realize that they are not alone.

Mentors provide the opportunity for children to develop essential social skills, recognize their own strengths, and grow in confidence.

Camp Rise n’ Shine provides a new experience and adventure that brings children together in a natural setting where they can simply be kids.

Day Camp offers children fun-filled days exploring and enjoying traditional camp activities.

Teen Retreats help teenagers through the unique challenges associated with the difficult adolescent years.

Advocacy – in school and in life – shows our kids and the world that they matter.