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Julie Director of Program Services JULIE WHEATON, MSW, JD

[email protected] (206) 628-8949 x211

Julie designs and runs Inspire Youth Project’s At-Risk Youth Programs. Combining her experience in child welfare and program management, Julie seeks to provide Inspire Youth Project’s children with the life skills they need to make healthy, productive choices.  Julie holds a deep belief that children grow into the best version of themselves when they feel safe, loved, and free to explore. She feels lucky to work for an organization that embodies this idea by providing children with the essential experiences of childhood through its camp, mentoring, and peer support group programs. Julie’s previous work experience includes providing Family Preservation Services to families in crisis, as well as supporting babies affected by HIV/AIDS  and malnutrition in Lesotho. Julie holds a B.A. in Psychology, a Master of Social Work, and a Juris Doctor.


 405952_10150453940796946_644584989_n Director of Development ERIN COX, B.S.

[email protected] (206) 628-8949 x227

I’m sure you can’t wait to learn about Erin…interesting information to come!


Hollianne Volunteer Manager HOLLIANNE MONSON, B.S.

[email protected] (206) 628-8949 x229

Hollianne joined inspire Youth Project in February of 2015. With 15 years as a volunteer manager, Hollianne came to Inspire Youth Project with a firm belief that dedicated and caring volunteers bring energy and drive to a cause that cannot be found in any other way. Hollianne has a degree in Recreation Management and Youth Leadership from Brigham Young University.  Previously, Hollianne  worked with youth for almost ten years at Camp Fire USA. In addition, she was fortunate to spend some time working directly with homeless women at YWCA Angeline’s in Seattle. Through these combined experiences, Hollianne developed a deep passion for providing support to vulnerable populations, and providing strong foundations to children, to help them become successful adults.


  Program Manager TIM BELL, B.A.

[email protected] (206) 628-8949 x215

Tim is a pretty simple guy. In fact, there are really only three things that you need to know about him: 1) Tim loves to climb things- trees, mountains, buildings; if it looks even a little bit interesting, Tim wants to climb it. 2) Tim loves apples. Not in the “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” sort of love of apples but in the weird, obsessive sort of way where he would corner you at a party just to talk about which apples are best. 3) Tim is the proud father of two adorable cats, which he has regular conversations with about important topics like the meaning of life and whether it is more important to nap or to stare at birds outside of the window. If you must know more about Tim, he spent much of his life in foster care before turning into an advocate for foster youth working with national and state-level policy makers. Tim has spent significant time developing youth leadership and empowerment programs.  He has been and always will be an advocate for young people whether they are gay, homeless, HIV positive, or simply feeling down on their luck. Tim believes whole heartedly in the power of young people to take a stand and make a positive change, whether it is in their own lives or in the lives of everyone throughout the country. He holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Philosophy from Pacific Lutheran University.